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Horse refers to the young horse, which means miles horse, the king refers to supremacy, the largest.
First, for the business name with three meanings:
First: The company is in its prime of youth, a symbol of thriving, thriving, as if the sun eight or nine o'clock in the morning. The future is bright, the future is infinite, Yuemang soaring, coming a long way, the business bigger and stronger. On the way forward, hesitate to ride the jungle, cross the mountain streams, and move forward. To the brilliant peak Mercedes-Benz.
Second, the soldier who does not want to be a military officer is not a good soldier and a leader in the enterprise. It is the desire of entrepreneurs. Engaged in business is to fight strong, won the first. Can not think of how to climb the peak There are no difficult things, as long as willing to climb. Dare to be the best in the world, in order to be famous on the list, to win the third seized, second place, and strive to win the champion.
Thirdly, after the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee of the Party, especially Deng Xiaoping's southern tour speech, it is like a spring breeze awakening the earth and arousing the economic takeoff of China's Shenzhou, which stands in the east of the world with strong economic strength.
An enterprise is a cell of the national economy. With each cell powerful, the entire country is prosperous and prosperous, and is proud of its position in the international arena. In the context of economic construction, the kamakuni was built on this background. With today's economic construction as the center, Komako played an active part in the fight against poverty, advancing with the times and fighting the best in order to make greater contribution to economic construction.
Second, the logo:
① Pentium's Ma Yongjian chest, running forward the momentum, including the positive business, rapid development, do not wait for their own efforts, in the march forward.
② equilateral hexagons that have a certain business planning, the specific actions have strict rules and regulations, no symbol of no standards, what to do have a certain rules, only the strict rules and regulations of enterprises and individuals, so that every employee In the face of an equal system, I feel comfortable working.
③ The background is heaven and earth, meaning that the national policy of opening and invigorating, enterprises can show their talents in the economic ocean. The vaguely visible, orderly point of the circle that the business should be gradual development, drip accumulation, step by step in an orderly manner.
④ Juju (Golden Foal) origin of the name: Legend of the Fable: According to legend, Tang Zhenguan Zhi years, a treasure in the South Tour, line to the northeast corner of Zaoqiang County (Hongwu Zhuang village) a mill shed (old mill wheat flour Where), found here reveal the auspicious.
After repeated observation, textual research, here there Jumbo horse foal, five hundred appearances once, you need people who are from Germany. Treasure hunt for this treasure around to visit Po Act. A few years later, I was taught immortal dedication to Jijuju dedication, return to Zaoqiang, a huge sums of money to buy the mill shed, takeover a thin horse as a fiduciary, feeding training in this three years. Select the auspicious auspicious auspicious day to begin to set marailian to borrow, every night child time will set Mara grind turns 108 laps, 99 days smooth completion, this person is overjoyed. In the last two hours will have this treasure, fame.
When the rest of the night to wait until the dead, the treasurer again masonry curtains, tied to the rope set on the mill, more whiplash whistle, the faster the horse ran faster, the dead of night, only heard hoofs. Run to one hundred circle, in the southeast corner of the mill shed miracles, led to height more than jinmao jumped out of the ground, golden sparkling as the day, lifelike. The lean horse runs eight more laps, and the horse and horse foal no longer return, instantly giving away treasure to treasure hunters. At this critical moment, Meng shouted shouted: Xiaoxian please Jinju quickly home, you are the king also, how can I just appearance, the golden horse heard, instantly no shadow. Treasure hunt saw collapsed to the ground, vibrato said: I Fukuhara also, missed treasure. Shouting people, this is the land of the Lord, the land priest walked into the shed to the treasure-hunter, said: you too dare to take the heavens.
Treasure hunter said: I found this treasure of the law for three years in this hard-hated Females, has attracted a hundred days, is the Pooch alive, ran a hundred 捌 laps, this treasure will be completely jumped will belong to me , Still worse than eight laps, you shouted, this treasure stealth. Land Lord said that you should not deserve it, you get rid of the lack of morality, you will undoubtedly die Central and your descendants. This Wang Ju BMW is the sky white dragon too, due to help the Tang monk Xitian learn sincerely, Jade Emperor admired in this practice, when to reproduce, without usage, and other world prosperity BMW Wang Ju will automatically appear to bless the world, Wang Ju BMW appeared, the world's favorite drawing of the horse, have dropped from the painting world, to help both virtuous and virtuous people sacrifice sentient beings, then there will be Gunma the world trend, there are thousands of ways Horse Pentium, Japan trip two miles, land that immediately after the shadow of the Lord, the treasure hunt is Xianxian degree of self-knowledge, speeding head thanks, we can see immortal said right, world reincarnation may also be a coincidence or Is heaven, Hebei kama Wang from the plan to raise the date of January 1, 2001 to the date of birth is April 18, 2001, it should be a hundred years BMW appeared in the world year.
From January 1 to April 18 is 108 days, it should be a hundred and eight laps, from Wang Ju BMW left the world with the Hebei kumam. In fact from Wang Ju BMW (the original Tang Dongyang County) west, now Zaoqiang County 1 km northeast of Hongwu Zhuang, Zaoqiang practitioners, the land had been God accepted God's imperial edict, the life of the Lord God Zaoqiang Wang Ju Drive. To the treasure hunters to buy shacks to Hundred Days evening treasure hunt tourists horses, the Land Lord even more careless, until to see the appearance of the Golden Horse, before playing recalled loudly.
The "horse" is the horse, the "king" is the leader, chess chess cars for the "horse", the horse is "moving", the car is "static", a car has a car into an interaction, the horse represents a spirit, that is, enterprises Development should be the same as the spirit of the pursuit of Longma. Hide and show, once exposed overwhelming, this is the origin of the name of the kumawang trademark and longing for business development.