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Hebei Juwang Special Car Co., Ltd. located in Hengshui Lake, the most beautiful wetland in North China, west of Daguang Highway and 106 National Road, north of Shixian, Shide high-speed, convenient transportation, favorable geographical conditions, is the production of various specialties in northern China Special vehicles for large enterprises.
Komazhuang company was founded in 2003, is located in Zaoqiang County Industrial Park in Hebei Province. Companies registered capital of 40.6 million yuan, total assets of 120 million yuan. Covers an area of ​​100,000 square meters, the main production plant construction area of ​​30,900 square meters, other supporting space 8,000 square meters. Comprehensive office building area of ​​3960 square meters, with offices, conferences, restaurants, rooms, workers accommodation, central air conditioning and other facilities.   
Company employees 288 people, including 200 production workers, managers 56 people, 32 professional and technical personnel. With advanced automated assembly line production technology, as well as lean product design and development and production of advanced automotive technicians. The main products are all kinds of semi-trailer, dump truck, tank truck, powder truck, concrete mixer truck and other models, and in 2016 made a pressure vessel special equipment manufacturing license, the newly developed LNG natural gas truck and LNG Natural gas storage tanks, LPG liquefied petroleum gas transport cars and other products come out and put into production to fill the gaps in the market in the province.
Komaz Co., Ltd. passed IS09001: 2000 quality system certification in 2005 and passed the 3C certification of China Quality Certification Center in 2007. The "Komaki" trademark was awarded "Famous Trademark" of Hebei Province in 2008. The Komaki product was rated as "Famous Brand Product of Hebei Province" in 2009. Listed in the Shijiazhuang Equity Exchange in 2014, it was appraised as " High-tech enterprises "and Hebei Province," safe production of standardized two enterprises. "
Due to its excellent materials, fine workmanship, easy deformation and durable excellent performance, Juku Wang Trailer not only enjoys a good reputation in the region, but also sells well in Shaanxi, Ningxia, Shanxi, Shandong, Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, Henan and Inner Mongolia etc. Many provinces and cities nationwide. Enterprises in the province with the industry has a high reputation and reputation, leading the production and marketing of trailer for 8 consecutive years the province with the industry-leading. As early as 2011 Komachi people began to explore the road to light weight semi-trailer in 2012 Komaki products than other manufacturers of similar products light 200-300 kg in 2013 Komaki products to complete the second upgrade of the product appearance in the structure , Self-respect and took a big step forward. In 2016, Komaki completed three upgrades and invested more than 4 million yuan to achieve shot blasting of vehicle, automatic welding of vehicle floor and robot welding of door panel. The product of Komaki is more solid and durable. The whole trailer Weighing not exceeding 5.7 tons of impressive performance, in 2017 Komagawa products using electrostatic spraying, two-component paint, trailer appearance, durability greatly improved.
Over the years, we have successfully introduced venture capital and added support for the development of the enterprise, enabling Komagome to advance into a competitive market with a brand new look. We witnessed the evolution of Komazio from modest to very happy, with great perseverance and great success in the face of the adverse impact of the financial crisis that swept the globe in 2008. Here, we would like to thank all our customers, partners and hundreds of Kumamoto employees. We work together to inspire each other, trust each other, calmly face the opportunities and challenges brought by the weird era of waves and clouds.